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Related Sites

Below are lists of sites that EdRothWorld.com think are of interest to Ed Roth fans.

Official Ed "Big Daddy" Roth sites:

EdRoth.com - http://www.EdRoth.com
This is the main site for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. You will find plenty of Big Daddy goodies here. If you are looking for toys, stickers, posters, shirts, patches, etc.. This is the place to go.

Ratfink.org - http://www.RatFink.org
Big Daddy and Moldy Marvin started Ratfink.org. You will find lots to look at here, some of the links included are Ed Roth Memorial, Museum, Outlaw Project, Ed Roth Commemorative Stamp Campaign, plus more. The site is maintained by Moldy.

MrGasser.com - http://www.MrGasser.com
If you are looking for a site for Big Daddy's Show Cars, then MrGasser is where you want to go. Ed came up with the idea of this web site while driving back from a Rat Fink Reunion. Sadly Ed passed away before this project was finished. Ed's concerns on how this site should be designed have been applied. After Ed's passing his family was contacted and they gave the go ahead to complete this project.

Other Ed "Big Daddy" Roth related sites:

Chapel-of-Memories.com - http://www.chapel-of-memories.com
Ken Frost has done a great job of collecting some very interesting photos on his Chapel-of-Memories site. (For those who don't know, Ed would disguise his show car trailer by painting "Chapel of Memories" on the side.) There are lots to see in every section. We found 39 pictures just in the "Other Stuff" section. The "Maywood" section is a place we found interesting.

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