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PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:02 pm    Post subject: OUTLAW 2/3 Scale Reply with quote

OUTLAW 2/3 Scale

My name is Trevor Jones I live in Mildura, a country town in Victoria, Australia.

Despite being Aussie I resisted the temptation to open with G'Day Mate. Some call my work art others models, either way I hope they like it. Down here in the land of OZ. Most kids at some point, built what we call a Billycart. In America I think you call them Soapbox Racers.

About 10 years ago I built my son a Billycart. Like most Dads I put my heart and sole into it. Hoping to give him the cart I wished I had as a child. After a month of toil I was pretty happy with the result. I gave it to my son, and waited for all due praise. He responded and I quote "I thought you could have done better!". Oh the joy of parenthood, gutted by a 10 year old.

After a few weeks, of trying to convince myself that he's opinion didn't matter. (Mainly because he looked more like the postman anyway). I came to realize he was right. Wondering just how much could you make a Billycart look real, using only recycled material and things found around the house. The same as you would as a child. Could you make a kids home made toy look real?

Giving it some thought, and being a child of the 70's. The thing that standout most in my memories, were those amazingly cool Hot Rods of ED ROTH! And in particular OUTLAW, the funkiest, the whoopiest, the coolest Hot Rod ever built. Although I have to say The BEATNIK BANDIT's not far behind. Ed Roth had a style that was his own! 60's cool, harping back to the organic art nuevo of the early 1900's. And of course the great rule of thumb, "Who cares if you can't drive it, cool rules".

I started by finding some photo's of the Outlaw, then the thought accrued to build by scaling up the model plans from a plastic kit. I started by building the tub. using 3ply, PVC pipe, wire mesh and bodyfiller. The engine is made from just about everything. There's plastic libs, coat hanger wire, telephone cable, lollypop sticks, PVC pipe, the drive belt from a washing machine. Even the skewers from some satay I got at a Chinese Take-away, (There the connecting rods on the carburettors).

The rear wheels are from a Mini, and the front of a bicycle. The chassis is wooden, as are the springs. The front end I must admit, I changed. Not much, but I made mine a little more stealth. In all it took about a year to build, and I hope it puts a smile on peoples faces. As specially Ed's if he saw it.

That was all a few years ago, Nowadays I call what I do Repliconics, and refer to the work as Sculptural Mechanics. In stead of just admitting I'm a big kid having fun. I'm currently work on a 2/3 scale 70's Rail Dragster, I call WILD THING!. The engine and body are finished, and I'm working on the paint scheme. Again there's a bit of a Roth connection, as the logo is a variation of one of Ed's Monster faces. After the Dragster is finished I think I can see a Bandit in the near future, OUTLAW & BEATNIK BANDIT can't have one without the other.

Anyway thanks for your time, and I hope you like my work.

P.S. My son doesn't ask if I can do better anymore! He tells me to get a life! (Love that kid)
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